Dentistry is the branch of science which deals with treatment, and prevention of diseases affecting the oral part. The oral part does not include teeth and gums but it does include saliva, hard palate, soft palate, throat, larynx and pharynx. We have to brush our teeth at least two times before and after bed. Cosmetic dentistry is the special branch of science, which deals with prosthodontics and Chicago orthodontics. A good smile is responsible for being good looking and have a nice appearance. People who do not have a good smile are affected by psychological problems like inferiority complexes, and low self esteem. The common causes for these are overlapping or crooked teeth. This can be easily treated by cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is responsible for the appearance of a good smile. Children at the age of seven should consult with a dentist to identify and overcome the dental problems. Though they do not have problems in their family history, future problems can be easily identified and solved in childhood. As the bones are soft in the childhood days, even surgeries can be done easily and problems can be treated completely. Stained teeth can be treated using teeth whitening processes. Using fluoride supplements we can prevent stained or discolored teeth. Overlapping or crooked teeth can be caused due to thumb sucking or snoring but can be brought to a normal position by using braces.