One of the most important aspects to maintaining orthodontics such as Invisalign Braces, is keeping them clean. When food is allowed to build up in braces, it only aids the build up of plaque between teeth. In addition to this, leftover food in braces causes bad breath. Fortunately, cleaning Invisalign Braces is simple, and effectively removes these threats if done regularly.

The most important rule to keeping your Invisalign Braces clean is to remove them during meals or at any time while eating. Chewing with Invisalign Braces in your mouth not only fills them with food, but can potentially damage them. Removing them from your mouth and placing them in a case will keep them clean during meals. Next, make sure that the case that holds the aligners is also clean. It will do no good trying to keep the aligners clean if they are being repeatedly placed in a dirty case. Clean the case with hot water daily to prevent the build up of saliva, and ultimately bacteria. The final step to maintain clean Invisalign Braces is to brush the aligners daily. Use a toothbrush and cold water to gently brush out each individual tooth imprint, being sure to clean out any remaining saliva or food. Incorporating this into a daily brushing routine is simple and will keep your Invisalign Braces clean as well.