The specialists take care of aligning teeth and jaws. They help our smile get better and become more beautiful. Obviously, a smile both makes someone proud and gives them confidence. It is very important for each and every person to shine in this competitive world. But apart from cosmetic braces reasons, straight teeth also have medical benefits. There is less chance for decay, develop gum disease, and there is a decreased risk of injury. Some of the problems like overbite, and/or cross bite, can create other problems like pain in the muscles around the mouth, neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches.

The six month braces dentist can use braces to straighten the teeth structure. The six month braces are interconnected with a metal string. The string is tightened to make the teeth straight technically and the patient should wear it for one to two years. After the teeth return to their normal position, retainers are used to maintain its position. The patient should use the retainers for at least six months prior to it being removed. This can be treated easily in the childhood stage instead of teen or adult stage. The bones at this age are softer and more flexible when compared at the adult stage.