Dentist is one who diagnosis, treats, prevents diseases or disorders in oral cavity. Dentistry is the special branch of medicine which deals with complete oral cavity. The person who completed studies on dentistry are called is dentist. The most common diseases affecting oral part are bad breath, cavities, gum disease, tooth erosion, toothache, oral cancer, teeth sensitivity and gum diseases. When you visit dental doctor for some of the disorders, he will check for problems in gums and teeth. He also checks whether all the teeth are properly grown without any defectives. He encourages patients to brush regularly to prevent dental caries and other oral problems. There is a special branch in dentistry called cosmetic dentistry.

The cosmetic dentist should specialize in orthodontist. He will correct the person’s teeth and jaws. As we know nice smile can be created only through straight teeth and aligned jaws. By using braces and retainers, he will straighten the patient’s teeth. Even the cleft lips and jaws can be treated to the normal position. Children are advised to visit the dentist at the age of seven itself, even if there is no problem. In this age, the doctor can identify the problems; and diagnose the teeth and gums that have formed.