Published on : 21 June 20192 min reading time

Orthodontics is the special branch of dentistry which concentrates in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of misaligned teeth, facial and dental irregularities. The person who specialized in orthodontics is the orthodontist. Dentist concentrates only on the oral cavity where as the orthodontist takes care both dental and facial structure. His work is to bring teeth and jaws to the correct normal position to achieve the good facial balance. Children of orthodontics problem can be easily treated because the bones are very soft in the child hood stage.

Even the cleft lips and jaws can be easily cured in childhood stage. The overlapped or crooked teeth can be cured with the help of braces treatment. Here the metal braces or ceramic braces are interconnected with the help of metal wires which helps to move the teeth to the desired position. After the teeth are moved to the desired position, retainers are used to maintain the position. Mostly retainers are made of ceramic material. Here the braces are used for 6 months to one year and retainers and cannot be removable by patients. The retainers can be removable by the patient itself. Nowadays some dentists itself can do the orthodontics treatment by saying that they are orthodontists. But orthodontists are special branch of dentistry which requires special studies in cosmetic related areas.