The medical world has advanced in more researches that has paved way for a huge number of treatment methods and also more medicines to cure the illness. The special care and attention that is given over the ailment of tooth and jaws of a person is taken care by the orthodontist, a special professional who supports by giving or offering necessary treatments and help in preventing the ailment in teeth. There are other services by the orthodontist such as the treatments for mouth, teeth and also concentrates regarding any jaw problems for the patient. Treatments given by the skilled professional in the area of mouth, teeth and jaws is called Orthodontics treatment and the skilled professional is named as the Orthodontist. In general the professional is the dental doctor or surgeon who also supports in treating misaligned teeth as well as the jaws of the patient, which is named as the malocclusion. The orthodontist provides cosmetics related treatment to the customer if they require such treatments also, for nominal charges.

The term Invisalign is the series of removable as well as a clear aligner promoted by both the dental surgeon as well as the orthodontists. This product is used to straighten the teeth in an invisible way or method. This is in fact an alternative product to the braces. Braces are also called as the orthodontic braces which is a device that is used for aligning the teeth as well as their position. Thanks to the field of medicines for inventing more sophisticated methods of treatments with new technology supports.