Wire Company. G and H Wire Company is headed by President Michael Jahns who anticipates staying at the company. G and H Wire Company provides orthodontics and is located at 2165 Earlywood Drive in Franklin, Indiana. The company has 100 employees. The company was previously owned by Edgewater Growth Capital Partners who bought the company in 2001. The company earned an 800 percent profit from the sale of the company. G and H Wire Company is also known as NEOdontics International. They expect to continue to show a growth in their market share because of four factors. The first is that patients are more willing to wear braces because of the new clear braces. The second factor is the new scientific findings that gum disease leads to heart disease. The third factor is that insurance is paying better for dental care. The fourth factor is that consumers are more interested than ever in looking great.
Stewart Kohl and Bela Szigethy head the Riverside Company. This is the first time that Riverside has made a purchase into the six month braces market. They own 48 health care companies all together. They are actively seeking to expand in the health care market.